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Chewing gum is really gross. [entries|friends|calendar]
Chelsea Rogers

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NEW LJ [11 Sep 2005|03:25pm]



Oh so bored! [11 Jul 2005|05:33pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Tomorrow, my father is leaving for Hawaii. I was offered to go, but he took my little brother instead. Well, thats not true, he preferred my brother, but hes going alone. I'm feeling terribly ill. It isn't sickness. Its just I do. Its also partially due, to those pills the doctor gave me. Ugh, its the worst feeling. I am so completely bored. This summer is the worst. Its boring. The only thing keeping me going is seeing Bankotsu on Inuyasha in two weeks. Thats sad, isn't it. A cartoon is keeping me entertained. I'm a sad sad person. I've spent so much damn money on that damn cartoon, its putting a dent in my I-pod fund. God...
I bought two David Bowie cds, yesterday, where my dad completely went off on me. Damn. I don't make fun of his musical taste (just 311)!!! I've noticed I've gained alot of weight. Thats not good either. Another little line and check to my giant list of unhappiness.
I think I want to go to San Jose August 11th, for heavyheavyLOWLOW's cd release. Plus, San Jose has its good points, I don't mind it, all to much. I'd also like to go to San Francisco. Shop around, at the Virgin Megastore...blah blah. Erm...
I don't think I can stay in Livermore for much longer. Its getting really stupid on there being nothing to do. Seriously. I like Panama Bay, our local coffee, shop, it has the best hot chocolate money can buy. I like Fantasy, our comic book store. its huge. I like our REALLY tiny movie theater with two screens. Its fun, with Java City next to it. But those 4 things are far from my house, and I unfortunately can't drive yet. So, I'm stuck here with a lame computer, with the Trojan Virus loaded onto it, and it only allows me on the internet after 2 o'clock. Yeah, I know weird, but its true.

Enough of my insistant babbling. Good bye.


Meh meh mehhhhhh [19 Jun 2005|10:06pm]
I go to the dentist tomorrow. And I'll tell ya. Dentists can burn in hell. I hate them. I hate them.

I think I need to soak in some coconut scented bath oils, paint my nails neon yellow, buy myself 5676843 cds until you can make me go tomorrow.

Besides that. I miss everyone from school. *tear*


[19 Dec 2004|09:36am]
[ mood | bored ]

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